About Us

Keeping Central Florida
Healthy and Strong Since 1995

Health and fitness is a passion of our entire staff of NMF. With years of experience in the health and fitness industry, we pride ourselves on our knowledge and level of experience.

With years of working and studying natural and holistic dietary solutions to improve mind, body and spirit, owners Dave and Ed decided there was need for a local one-stop-shop for nutrition and fitness supplements that provided personalized consultations and support.

We work closely with each of our customers to help guide and plan their personal path that fits their individual needs.

Personalized Customer Service

Yes, we have a huge inventory of products, but what sets us apart from the big chains is free, personal consultations to help you reach your goals!

David Anthony Cucuzza


David has over 25 years of experience in the nutrition and fitness industry. He is a Medical Exer-Therapist, certified personal trainer and nutrition consultant and has counseled thousands on their nutrition and fitness needs. He’s involved in the production of top quality product lines sold exclusively at Nature’s Market.

David is a member of the National Physique Committee. He has written two fitness and nutrition books, Own Your Body, By David Anthony, the updated 2018 edition is now available on Amazon and at Natures Market. Dave has also won 4 NPC Masters competitions including the national qualifying 2015 NPC Florida State Championships.

Ed Martin


Ed has over 25 years of experience in the nutrition and fitness industry. He’s served on the staff of Humana Bennet Hospital where he worked in physical therapy with the rehabilitation of patients at all levels of physical needs. This experience has giving him a passion for helping people get well.

Ed has counseled thousands of customers on their health, fitness and dietary needs. He is a member of the Natural Association of Health and has flown to many of the manufacturing facilities used by the vitamin companies to view their production and manufacturing practices and has gone through their specialized training and certification programs.

Dr. Susan Smith

Sr. Nutritional Advisor

Susan has been a part of the Nature’s Market advisory board since 2000. She holds a B.S. in Natural Health and a Doctorate in Traditional Naturopathy with a specialty in herbs. Susan has an extensive knowledge of medicinal remedies and treating the body naturally and has used that knowledge to counsel thousands on their natural health, fitness and dietary needs.

Among her many talents, she’s taught body conditioning and ballet classes. She holds a high belt in Taekwondo and competes in bike marathons. She also has a passion for aromatherapy and homeopathy.