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Our exclusive prostate formula that has been triple lab tested, non-GMO and researched. With a superior blend of vitamins, minerals & botanical herbs in proper dosages essential for prostate health including an overall sense of well-being.

Our Nature’s Market Prostate Support has several customer testimonies and may help with symptoms of an enlarged prostate, frequent urination, high P.S.A. levels, urine flow and in some cases even improved sexual function.

Men over the age of 40 should consider including a prostate formula in their diet since this is the age that starts to see some changes in this critical part of a man’s body. Men that are taking any testosterone therapy or enhancing T products should also consider adding this supplement to their daily routine.

This special blend of ingredients rate second to none in quality and include dosages that are seldom found this high in most products which includes 1200mgs of Pumpkin Seed Oil, 300mgs of Saw Palmetto Berry Extract, 100mgs of Beta-Sitosterol, 150mgs of Nettle Root, 100mgs of Polyphenols, 50mgs of Selenium, 15mgs of Zinc and more.

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